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Airborne particles also known as “Fugitive Dust”, present many health and environmental risks including respiratory, eye and skin problems.



Valley Water Works operates D.O.T. safety inspected vehicles that have been specially equipped to handle a wide range of materials and application challenges. These can range from farm and rural access roads to steep hillsides, pedestrian/cart paths and equestrian or motorsports facilities – all sources of major “Fugitive” dust pollution.

Our equipment can handle any project from smaller residential needs to the largest commercial or industrial site.



Soil Erosion resulting from excavating, mining, land leveling, rainfall and manmade irrigation practices all contribute to storm water pollution – a major factor in stream, river and lake silting and disruption/destruction of aquatic ecosystems. Through the application of stabilization materials, topsoil and smaller aggregate particles are held in place temporarily or long-term, depending on the material chosen and rates applied. Typically, these are very cost effective compared to or when used in conjunction with other solutions such as hydroseeding and straw-blowing.



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